Find inspiration through innovation

Home Improvement Gallery carries Solid Core Siding that isn’t just setting gorgeous design
trends, it’s setting bold technological ones, too. It’s constructed with Neopor insulation, which
reflects radiant heat. It also features the Smart Track system with moisture management ridges,
which prevents water from being trapped. Plus it loos gorgeous years after it’s installed and
requires little maintenance, unlike fiber cement and engineered wood claddings.

Bring even more depth out of your home

Our finishing details will not only complement your exterior beautifully, they’ll give your home
that brilliant final touch. Available in a wide selection of accents, all our essentials are
engineered to fit seamlessly with any style you choose. Remember you can add shutters, door
surrounds, window headers, dentil trim, sunbursts, and gable vents in your choice of color.

If you daydream about a home that brings you closer to nature… make that dream a reality
with our Timbermill replica woodgrain log cabin siding. Whether living in the suburbs or in the
country, the quality of Timbermill log panels provide a unique look that will withstand all of
natures’s elements. Capture all the benefits of that rustic lifestyle with out all the expensive and
time consuming maintenance, insect resistant and natural look of Timbermill vinyl siding panels
offer you the ability to experience the wonders of nature without the upkeep of a traditional log
cabin home.

Stone Siding

Stone veneer siding panel that is mortarless and cement-based. Its panelized
deign is installed with mechanical fasteners, allowing carpenters and contractors to recreate
the beauty and craftsmanship of authentic stone masonry using nails or screws.

All our Vinyl siding shields your home from exterior noise while reducing air leakage, heat
transfer and watering infiltration. All of these built-in features contribute to improving the energy
efficiency of your home while exhibiting the charming look and inviting appeal.
For over 25 years Home Improvement Gallery has worked to build a reputation for quality,
authenticity and design by consistently improving and perfecting our craft for siding, becoming
the most recognized names in North East Kansas.

Why should I choose Home Improvement Gallery?

  • Quality
  • System
  • Selection
  • Speed

For over 25 years Home Improvement Gallery had a reputation for quality, performance, and

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